Old Town Alexandria Engagement Photos

Old Town Alexandria Engagement Photos | Dillon and CK

Dillon and CK’s engagement session is a mix of all my favorite locations for Old Town Alexandria Engagement Photos!  Coastal mixed with urban, there is no going wrong with this city as the backdrop. Not to mention, all of these locations are within walking distance of each other, which means a lot of variety in a smaller amount of time!

It is important to note, most of these locations rely heavily on it being a late afternoon/ sunset session. Keep that in mind as we plan your session- though I always love finding new places.

Dillon and CK’s 

First, I want to share the love story of this cute couple! Dillon and CK met in a way that feels like an old fashioned movie in a time where a lot of people meeting online. These two met while celebrating the engagement of two mutual friends! After that night, Dillon says they knew it was meant to be!

A few years later, Dillon went back to her childhood home in New Jersey to say goodbyes to the home before her parents moved out of it. On the final night, the family had a goodbye photo session- or so she thought! CK popped the question and Dillon said yes!

When these two arrived, I just had to know where Dillon got her dress. She let me know she got it from Rent the Runway!

Starting at Prince Street for Old Town Alexandria Engagement Photos

I always start my sessions out at the top of Prince Street. It is one of the main streets for photography, since at the bottom is the iconic cobblestone. However, that will be my last stop!  I started this session in front of 207 Prince Street, a gorgeous white house that has soft lighting during Old Town Alexandria engagement photos.

A New England Home in a Southern State

This next location is my absolute favorite! During the summer, this home feels like a Nantucket dream home surrounded by greenery and florals. The white siding and colored shutters make it the perfect backdrop. Not to mention, the patch of grass out front is wide enough to do walking shots. There are also some benches around that make for great sitting photos.

The Iconic Alley

If you are thinking about engagement photos in Old Town, chances are you have seen THE alley. Because of how iconic this location is, we HAD to stop here. There are a few important things to note if you are set on this spot. The ground is very uneven, so please be careful in heels! The other is that this location is popular. There is a chance that we may have to wait our turn.

Cobblestoned Streets of Old Town

Here is another location that is iconic to Old Town Alexandria, the cobblestoned streets. Just like the alley, this location has tricky footing! But it does make for urban chic photos!

Down by the Water

My final location suggestion ties in that final coastal vibe. Walking down the cobble stoned hill, we come across the open water. There are several places to stop. For Dillon and Ck’s session, we decided to stay pretty close for the final few photos. The best part about ending at this location is the ability to turn it into date night after! There are some delicious restaurants to try out right on the water.

Old Town Alexandria Engagement Photos

If you are planning your engagement session in the DMV area, add Old Town to your list of considerations. While I have my tried and true favorites, there is so much to explore! Whether you choose to add in a stop at a local bar to get some drinks, or a bakery to share a dessert, there are several ways to personalize your session as well. No matter what you decide to do, Old Town Alexandria Engagement Photos are always a safe and fun option for your E-sesh!

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